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save faster »Hervé FRANTZ - "Fire brigade captain"

The Sentinel Agency

Software and platform editor for warning, alarm and crisis management systems.
Thanks to our mobile applications and to our operational surveillance center, in direct connection with the Relief Services, we offer a unique and powerful service in the crisis management sector.


Sentinel Alert Systems

Agency Sentinel develops and deploys platforms specialized in alerts, crisis management and personal services.
Some systems are intended for strategic uses and can not be presented here.
Discover some of our crisis management and alert systems:

More about our confidential systems ... contact us.

Expertise & Know-How

Agency Sentinel is composed of specialists in the field of civil and military security, financial and applications for smartphones ingeneering.
A number of the founding members and the main supporters of Agency Sentinel demonstrate proven competence in their former activities,
which validate our approach and concentrate unparalleled know-how in our company.

Hervé FRANTZ - CEO - Founder ("Captain of Fire Brigade")
Skills: Relief - Risk Management - Crisis Management

Thierry MULLER - CTO (Chairman of The DeegitalGroup)
Skills: Technologies & Databases - Creator of multi-channel marketing solutions

Bertrand SOUBELET (General of Army Corp of the french Gendarmerie)
Skills: Public Safety - Strategy - Organization

ALAIN CLOT - (President of France FinTech)
Senior Advisor at EY - Business Angel